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The peninsula offers fantastic opportunities for beach fishing and fishing off rocks.
For the best fishing experience go out with a local guide, you may even have the opportunity to learn traditional fishing methods.

Fishing tours are offered at some local communities and campgrounds. Lombadina offers charter boat tours departing on request. When staying at campground or community, fishing is only permitted within their private lease. It is forbidden to fish on neighboring leases without permission.

Always be aware of size and bag limits, and please respect the fact that many of the local people still live off the land and depend on future fish stocks. Please never take more than you need for your next meal. Fisheries Officers frequently do random checks and fines apply to anyone caught in breach of the rules.


There are no marine rescue or public boat ramp facilities on the Dampier Peninsula.
Several locations have private boat ramps, permission is required to launch your boat.

Tide Times

Add one hour to Broome Tide Charts for Cape Leveque, and two hours for the Eastern side of the peninsula.

Tides 2022     Tides 2023

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Please catch no more than you need

There is NO FREE CAMPING anywhere on the peninsula.
BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL if you are staying overnight.

All communities and outstations are on private leases.
You must call ahead or have a booking before visiting.