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Before you Travel

The Cape Leveque Road is the main road on the Dampier Peninsula and is now fully sealed. A large 4WD is essential when visiting the peninsula as many of the campground and community access roads are unsealed and conditions vary throughout the year. These roads are typically dusty and corrugated with some soft sandy sections. Many are narrow with dense bush overhanging. During periods of wet weather (generally between November and April) these roads can be closed. Check road conditions with the Broome Visitor Centre or Shire prior to departure if there has been recent rain. Please drive carefully and make sure you have plenty of fuel and water.

Outback Rules of the Road

  • A 4WD vehicle is highly recommended when visiting the Dampier Peninsula, especially for driving along access roads. Vehicle recovery can incur significant costs.
  • Travel is only permitted on designated roads.
  • Slow down, when driving on any unsealed road. Some roads are only wide enough for one vehicle. Dust may be disguising an oncoming vehicle, potholes, loose gravel, soft sand, slippery mud or stray cattle.
  • Turn on your headlights where visibility is poor. Slow down or stop and pull over if you can't see the road in front of you.
  • On narrow unsealed roads it is a good idea to stop and pull over if a larger vehicle is coming towards you. Many vehicles roll over by drivers trying to continue driving up the embankment.
  • Keep checking your mirrors for other vehicles trying to overtake you. It is common courtesy in the outback to slow down, pull to the left with your indicator on and let vehicles pass you.
  • If you see someone broken down or stopped in the outback it is a courtesy to stop and ask if they are OK.
  • If you are hiring a 4wd or not an experienced driver on unsealed roads, ensure you know how to operate the vehicle, have adequate lessons or practice and can engage 4WD.

Please Drive Carefully

There is NO FREE CAMPING anywhere on the peninsula.
BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL if you are staying overnight.

All communities and outstations are on private leases.
You must call ahead or have a booking before visiting.